About us

Our company

We are an all natural and alternative as well as a durable medical equipment supplier.  Having started back in 1996, we strive in adding products that help treat the root cause of many ailments.


The company was founded by a husband and wife with backgrounds in engineering and clinical pyschology.  Initially, it was founded on light therapy to treated seasonal affective disorder, jeg lag and other disorders.  Though this is still the main focus with the latest technology, see the Valkee Bright Light Ear headset, we have added nutritional supplements to help treat different ailments, particularly, nutritional supplement to help with Lyme Disease with the Cowden Protocol.


We sell direct to the general public at our published list price and to Health Professionals, DME Providers, and Wholesalers at volume and discounted prices. Many of our products are Class II medical devices and Federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician, unless being purchased outside the United States. 


Additionally, we have added TENs and EMS units with chronic pain and muscle stimulator.  We have also added, in our opinion, the best air purifiers on the marked, the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purification systems.

Our Mission

To provide patients who are purchasing out-of-pocket with high quality pain management devices and supporting supplies at the lowest possible cost